While sintering an oxygen portion is desired that is as low as possible, with a concurrent presence of a certain C potential. Both may be realized on the oxygen partial pressure with a measurement of oxygen by the interpretation of the corresponding gas components, like H2,H2O, CO, CO2. With success this method is tested for years

For it both can be used, inline measurement and extractive measurement. Inline measurement is used for the high-temperature zone and extractive measurement is used for cooling zone and lock chamber.

Oxygen measurement | Combination version

The measuring device GSM as installation variant with connection to an external sensor. According to the case of practical use, there has to be connected an extractive sensor or an inline sensor.

Oxygen measurement | Basic series for lock control

Measuring converter U15-Digital for connection to an extractive sensor.

The measured value is provided as a 0/4-20 mA signal (U15-Digital).